Comments from our patients:


I actually have been wanting to thank you for helping me when I was sick for a while.

When I came to see you, I was so sick that I could barely walk, and I thought I was dying. I was really scared because I never really had been sick and it felt as if my whole body was shutting down. I had horrible palpitations, was ice cold all the time, got out of breath just by talking, pain all over my body, felt dizzy, had rapidly lost 30 pounds.. and many more symptoms. What made it worse was that doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, so they told me that I just had anxiety.

You looked at me and said "Don't worry, we will find out what is wrong with you". I had been feeling so helpless and you finally gave me hope. You got me to do a hormone test and you were very helpful with your knowledge. Doing the hormone test, we found out that my adrenals were not working correctly.

After I saw you, I found a practitioner who specializes in thyroid and adrenal issues. He found out that even if my thyroid blood test results were within the normal range, I also have a thyroid problem.

Thank you for those powerful words and not just saying them but really trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

I wish you and your family all the best.

P. M.


I love this place! I saw Dr. Lisa during my pregnancy and she was a huge help. Not only did my back feel much better, but it was such a treat to come here every week. The people are very nice and the atmosphere is wholesome and relaxing.

V. K. Livermore


I have scoliosis but still lead an active life, which makes it very easy for my back to get strained and need an adjustment. Dr. Lisa easily and quickly finds and adjusts the difficulty and makes my life much more comfortable.

R. F. Dublin


This is truly a place of healing. I see Dr. Lisa. I love love love her. She is so caring and honest. I made it through a really tough time with her recently. I had a bulging disc and was in a lot of pain. She teamed with another woman who used to work here- an osteopath- and we three worked at healing my whole self. I love that Dr. Lisa was willing to go the holistic route with me. She knew I wasn’t into the medical model and she really supported me physically as well as spiritually. I am indebted to her for her dedication. I invite anyone who has had a not so great experience with chiropractors to give Dr. Lisa a chance to change your mind. They do massage before every adjustment- which is unheard of! So come experience truly whole body chiropractic here.

M. W. Pleasanton


I have been here several times. I have also referred several family members, and everyone has always been pleased. The reception staff is also very friendly and helpful, and they will squeeze you in at the last minute if you are not feeling well.

N. B. Pleasanton